Q: I would like to attend the conference. Do I have to submit a
research paper?

A: No, the research is needed in case you are attending as an Author. If
you are attending as an audience member, then you do not need to
submit a research paper.
Q: To submit an abstract, what are the steps I need to follow?
A: To submit an abstract, you need to follow these steps:

1. Create an account by clicking (My Account) on the upper right
corner of WTEF website, then choose (Create Account).
2. Access the webpage for the conference you are planning to
3. Click “Submit an abstract”.
4. Enter the data needed and click (Upload) to add your abstract File

Q: I wish to pay the Author’s fees, yet I do not know how?
A: To pay the author’s fees, please follow these steps as listed:
1. Log in to Your Account.
2. Click (My Account) on the upper right corner of the WTEF website.
3. Choose (Manage Your Abstracts).
4. The payment button(s) will be beside the accepted abstract(s)
5. Click the payment button and select the method that suits you.

Q: We are a group of researchers, so can we participate at the
conference with the same research?
A: Yes. More specifically, you can participate as a main author for the
research alongside any other authors who can then participate as co-

Q: I need to have an official acceptance letter of my research.
What are the procedures for doing so?
A: The paper has to undergo the revision process first. After the
acceptance, you have to pay the conference and publication fees so that
we may send you the official and final acceptance letter.

Q: How can I track my paper status?
A: You can track the paper status by following the steps below:
1. Log in to your account on the WTEF website.
2. Click “My Account” on the upper right corner of the website.
3. Choose “Full-Paper Status” from the dropdown list.

Q: How can I upload a full paper?
A: You can upload your full paper by following the steps below:

1. Log in to your account on the WTEF website.
2. Click “My Account” on the upper right corner of the website.
3. You can choose one of the following methods:
1. Choose “Manage Your Abstracts” from the dropdown list,
then click the “Upload Full Paper” button beside the abstract.
2. Choose “Upload Your Full Paper”

Q: How do I know the final date for submitting an abstract/full
A: As part of the relevant online information for each conference, you
will find a button named “Important Dates” which contains all the dates
regarding each respective conference.

Q: If the conference is not taking place in my country, then do
you provide for the issuing of visas?
A: We can help to issue visas by sending a visa letter to the participant
and the corresponding embassy/consulate to help facilitate the visa
issuing process, but we do not issue it by ourselves.

Q: Can I pay the fees in cash?
A: If you are in one of the cities where our main offices are located, you
may enter the premises and pay the fees in cash before the payment
deadline. Please be aware that payments in cash during the conference
is NOT allowed.

Q: Does WTEF provide accommodation services?
A: WTEF does not facilitate accommodation, and the fees do not include
accommodation costs. However, WTEF does send the participants a list
of recommended hotels with affordable ‘bed & breakfast’ offers and
value-for-money rates. Participants must take full responsibility for
booking their own accommodation, either with recommended hotels or a
hotel of the participants’ choosing.