About Industry 4.0 Education

Hoping for developing the minds of current and future generations, WTEF has been working towards presenting students, researchers, and learners, with suitable learning opportunities. WTEF is happy to provide you with assistance in selecting the right university and helping you reach a successful satisfactory application process. WTEF will manage and guide you through the admission process, starting from selecting the right university up until receiving the university’s offer.
WTEF will also support you in finding a suitable accommodation, part-time job, or acquiring a visa. Not only will this experience proved you with an enhanced educational experience; it would also present you with a social adventure. Through this experience, you will get to see the world, take in new cultures, meet different people with diverse backgrounds, thus, helping you develop as an individual and improve your language skills.

WTEF, Alnoor Academy Sdn Bhd  provides a variety of study abroad services and organizes programs that include undergraduate/ postgraduate services, summer schools and winter schools for students of all ages. With programs offering a hands-on experience, an opportunity to study and gain a deeper understanding of a certain topic/ subject and a chance to meet students from different backgrounds. WTEF and Alnoor Academy Sdn Bhd will assist you in/throughout your:

  • Identifying the right university and right programme based on your area of interest, academic and financial background
  • visa application process and preparation
  • Arranging pre-departure briefing
  • provide airport pick-up where applicable
  • Finding the right accommodation and more…

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge and experiences, register to one of our programs or contact us on presidentWTEForum@gmail.com and we can suggest the most suitable course for you!