About Industry 4.0 Education

The World Talent Economic Forum (WTEF) serves as a consolidated platform for talent and the academia, in conjunction with industry and venture capital firms, seeking to innovate or undergo specific research projects. WTEF facilitates the industry and the government in sponsored research, technology innovation and licensing, and new venture creation, using the talent pool for bringing economic growth to a destination.

The WTEF team works closely with government and industry partners to understand their requirements and challenges, facilitates their project requirements with academic experts, and supports to engage talent for a mutually beneficial partnership. The World Talent Economic Forum is committed to integrating and match the research talent available with the industry requirement, bringing economic growth with job creation opportunities. This integration of education and research combined with the industry connect, also supports the venture capital firms to invest in innovations and ventures which are the industry needs, since they are commercially scalable. WTEF also supports the government in solving their most pressing challenges using the research pool and the talent available, to create innovations that drive economic growth; making it a win –win for the government, industry and the academia while impacting society in a positive way.

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