About the World Talent Economy Forum

World Talent Economy Forum – A Team of International Experts
for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange – The WTEF
is an international institution that is concerned with exchanging
knowledge and establishing research through organizing and managing
conferences across all fields of knowledge.

Moreover, the WTE Forum, in partnership with the Alnoor Academy
Sdn.Bhd and the Asia Research and Development Academy, offers
workshops and conferences across a variety of disciplines and for all
working professionals therein. These professional events are unique in
both the practical ways that they are delivered and with the
collaboration of certified professionals who lead them.

Based in Malaysia, and in partnership with many others across the
globe, our institution will focus mainly on organizing scientific programs
designed to teach scientific disciplines as well as helping to develop the
skill-sets of participants on both local and international levels. We also
process submissions for on-line publishing of our international journal
and the WTE forum’s Electronic Library resources.

WTEF activities are not merely confined to these domains, as they also
include cultural, social, and recreational aspects that would be just as
valuable for all the events WTEF sponsors, standing by its belief that we
all live in one world.
WTEF has created its own set of terms & conditions which individuals
must read and agree to abide by in order to use our services and to join
our group. Thus, use of this website constitutes having read and
accepted that set of rules.